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March Newsletter

Self-Driving Cars Will Soon Be Legal in California It should be no surprise that California is spearheading the movement to get self-driving cars street legal. After all, Google’s self-driving cars are being tested here and they’re frequently seen driving themselves on Silicon Valley streets. Predictions are that self-driving vehicles (or

February Newsletter

Is Your Business Website ADA Accessible? (New Law?) It’s is difficult to be aware of all the government regulations that might impact your business. Here is a fine example. The Department of Justice proposed to adopt new rules outlining what businesses would need to do to bring websites in line

Jan. 2016 Newsletter

LET’S SETTLE THIS: TRIAL BY BATTLE Even if you don’t remember the “good ole days” when two guys would step outside of a given venue to settle a disagreement, you probably know what we mean.  Ironically, twice in the last month clients have said they wished their attorneys could just “step

December Newsletter

INVEST IN OTHER PEOPLE’S LAWSUITS Think you can look at lawsuits and pick a winner? There is a new litigation finance platform called Mighty which allows you to put your money where your mouth is. Mighty, is offering investors a chance to invest directly in lawsuits. Investors value the case,

November Newsletter

JUDGE RULES YELP REVIEW NOT COVERED BY FIRST AMENDMENT The reviews are in — and they’ll cost a Staten Island woman $1,000. That’s how much a judge has ordered Emily Fanelli to pay for bashing the owner of a floor refinishing business as a “liar” and a “con artist” in

October Newsletter

Is a Taser Gun Protected by the Second Amendment? Based upon the recent case of Massachusetts v. Caetano (August 2015). The US Supreme Court is likely  to take up the question as to whether Tasers or Stun Guns are protected by the 2nd amendment which may affect current California law.

September Newsletter

Human Rights Granted to Chimpanzees A Judge in Manhattan made a precedent setting decision this month that chimpanzees have rights of their own. It is the first time legal rights of any kind have ever been accorded to anything other than a human. At issue are Hercules and Leo, two

August Newsletter

LOOK WHO IS COMING TO THE DEPOSITION Many people don’t realize non-parties can be invited to a deposition. While typically we think of depositions as being a private proceeding, a deposition can be very public. The Discovery Act does not specifically state who may or may not attend a deposition.

July Newsletter

SIGN THIS WAIVER AND THEN YOU CAN COME TO MY PARTY Does having a parent sign a release protect you from liability when your teenager throws a party? A lot of parents have signed numerous liability waiver and release documents, but lately parents are being increasingly presented with a different

June Newsletter

WEED 101- A SIGN OF THE TIMES First Law School Offers a Marijuana Law Class to Students Don’t be fooled by the subject matter of “Representing the Marijuana Client,” a new course being offered by the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. Pot may give people the giggles, but