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October Newsletter

Is it Legal to Poach a Competitor’s Employees? There have been a lot of news lately of top executives in Silicon Valley jumping ship to work with company rivals. The fact is that competition for talent is fierce in most high-stakes industries with limited employee pools, causing companies to go above and

September Newsletter

How Will New Marijuana Laws Impact Small Business Employment Policies? A grand total of eight states have new marijuana laws on the upcoming November ballot, ranging from recreational cannabis in California to restricted medical marijuana in Florida. And if small business owners aren’t keeping an eye on pot referendums in

August Newsletter

How Not to Write a Cease and Desist Letter Small business owners are protective of their brand. And there is the natural tendency to lash out at anything — fake online reviews, defamatory comments, or intellectual property theft — that threatens the integrity of that brand. Heck, even Donald Trump (or more accurately, especially

July Newsletter

3 Contract Drafting Tips to Help Your Business If you are in business, then you definitely enter contracts regularly. Sometimes you’re buying and sometimes you’re selling, but most likely you’re dealing quite a lot. In light of that, you should create standard contracts for your business, or form agreements that

June Newsletter

Top 4 LGBT Discrimination Issues for Small Business Employers Percentages show you already have lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender (also known as collectively LGBT) employees working alongside or in your business. Therefore, you should at least be aware of the federal and state laws prohibiting employment discrimination based on someone’s

May Newsletter

3 Tips on Business Breakups There is a lot you can do to ensure that you handle the dissolution of a business partnership with grace. It starts with the beginning of the relationship. Here are three pointers, inspired by advice to entrepreneurs from small business lawyers in YFS Magazine. Business

April Newsletter

Are Parents Liable for a Minor Child’s Contracts? Your kids are great but they sometimes do foolish things and lately you’ve been wondering just how far your responsibility extends. You know you must feed, clothe, and shelter your children, provide them with care and an education. But are you also

March Newsletter

Self-Driving Cars Will Soon Be Legal in California It should be no surprise that California is spearheading the movement to get self-driving cars street legal. After all, Google’s self-driving cars are being tested here and they’re frequently seen driving themselves on Silicon Valley streets. Predictions are that self-driving vehicles (or

February Newsletter

Is Your Business Website ADA Accessible? (New Law?) It’s is difficult to be aware of all the government regulations that might impact your business. Here is a fine example. The Department of Justice proposed to adopt new rules outlining what businesses would need to do to bring websites in line

Jan. 2016 Newsletter

LET’S SETTLE THIS: TRIAL BY BATTLE Even if you don’t remember the “good ole days” when two guys would step outside of a given venue to settle a disagreement, you probably know what we mean.  Ironically, twice in the last month clients have said they wished their attorneys could just “step