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July 2018 Newsletter

Can a Business Refuse Service to Anyone? A small Virginia restaurant named Red Hen found itself the subject of one of President Donald Trump’s Twitter jabs and faced an onslaught of scrutiny online after its owner asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave. This raises questions about

March 2018 Newsletter

Cryptocurrency Presents Unique Legal Remedies  Cryptocurrency has been murky from a legal perspective in the U.S. Investors have struggled with companies that don’t follow through on their promises. There is a potential for hacks and fraud. But while a lot of attention has been paid to the ways that federal

February 2018 Newsletter

California Bans Two Questions on Employment Applications The Golden State has long been one of the most worker-friendly when it comes to everything from minimum wage to paid time off. California continues to roll out employee protections in 2018, prohibiting employers from including questions regarding salary history or criminal convictions

January 2018 Newsletter

8 Internet Scams That You Don’t Want To Fall For Scammers aren’t non-English speakers with computers. They’re savvy manipulators who play off your emotions. “I’m pretty good at recognizing scams. But I still have the same physiological response as everyone else when I see a too-good-to-be-true opportunity,” says Robert Siciliano,

December 2017 Newsletter

“We have an arbitration agreement, so what are we doing in court?” Arbitrations offer alternatives to traditional litigation. A five-year study of federal court litigation in 10 states found that lawsuits lasted a year or more than arbitration proceedings. The survey found the associated litigation delays caused direct business losses

November 2017 Newsletter

Six Tips on Preventing Sexual Harassment at Work By all accounts, Harvey Weinstein left a trail of sexual harassment, assault, and rape a mile and decades wide before being fired by his company’s board of directors. And by many accounts, Weinstein’s behavior, while abhorrent, is not unique in corporate culture. So what lessons can small

October 2017 Newsletter

Tips for a Small Business Drug Testing Policy You want your employees to perform their best, and you want to provide a safe working environment. For many small business employers, that means keeping your workplace drug-free. While attitudes (and state laws) are changing regarding certain drug use, and some large

September 2017 Newsletter

The Man Who Refused A Presidential Pardon Only one time in history has a man refused a Presidential pardon. In 1829 two men, George Wilson a postal clerk and James Porter, robbed a United States mail carrier train. Both were subsequently captured and tried in a court of law. Both

August 2017 Newsletter

Parental Liability for the Acts of a Minor Child Is a parent responsible for the tortious acts of their minor child? Generally, a parent does not have any liability for a tort committed by their child. However, there a few limited exceptions. Parental Liability for a Minor’s Driving in California

July 2017 Newsletter

How to Make Sure Your Business Can Withstand Lawsuits Starting a business is no simple task. It takes money, planning, time, effort, more money, fine tuning, and gumption. Unfortunately, business owners can let all that they’ve worked to accomplish be put at risk if they’re not ready to withstand, fight,