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June 2017 Newsletter

What Are Signs of Age Discrimination? When a person reaches a certain age, to nearly everyone’s surprise on their birthday, nothing actually happens. Despite the common misconceptions regarding the differences between younger and older workers, a person’s abilities to perform a job are rarely, if ever, associated with their age.

May 2017 Newsletter

Top 5 Legal Tips for Naming Your Small Business Would a small business by any other name be just as successful? When it comes to naming your business, you’ve got to think about everything from how that name will look with a nice logo to how it will resonate with

April 2017 Newsletter

3 Legal Tips for Dealing With Frivolous Lawsuits Against Your Small Business There are some lawsuits that businesses just cannot avoid. Unfortunately, the most unavoidable lawsuits are the frivolous ones. Fortunately, the law and the courts provide a means to detect and dismiss frivolous claims early on, before a defendant

March 2017 Newsletter

Can Your Business Monitor Employees’ Movements in the Office?        Email. Social media. Even personal cell phones. There is a lot of employee activity that employers may legally monitor. But what about their actual movements throughout the office? Most employers can install and run video surveillance in the office, but that’s

February 2017 Newsletter

Should Jurors Get to Ask Questions During Trial? The stereotype is deeply embedded in our minds and media when it comes to jury trials: the jurors sit passively, perhaps nodding or even crying in response, as the attorneys, witnesses, and judges battle before them, then retire to a room to

January 2017 Newsletter

What to Do When Customers Threaten to Sue Your Business For small business owners, when a customer threatens to sue, the threat needs to be evaluated before any actions are taken as a result of the threat. The majority of threats are not carried out, as the majority of people

December Newsletter

Holiday Pay and Bonuses: What’s Legally Required for Small Businesses It’s that time of year when the world falls in love … with spending money and shopping! While you may be relying on this time of year to make your business profits soar, your employees may be relying on extra

November Newsletter

Can You Serve Someone With a Lawsuit via Twitter? It’s a fundamental principle of our legal system — if you’re going to sue someone, you have to put them on notice that they’re being sued. Defendants need to be given a chance to respond to accusations against them. But this

October Newsletter

Is it Legal to Poach a Competitor’s Employees? There have been a lot of news lately of top executives in Silicon Valley jumping ship to work with company rivals. The fact is that competition for talent is fierce in most high-stakes industries with limited employee pools, causing companies to go above and

September Newsletter

How Will New Marijuana Laws Impact Small Business Employment Policies? A grand total of eight states have new marijuana laws on the upcoming November ballot, ranging from recreational cannabis in California to restricted medical marijuana in Florida. And if small business owners aren’t keeping an eye on pot referendums in