Business Litigation

Pettibone Law has been very active in general business litigation throughout the firm’s history. Douglas J. Pettibone has experience and expertise in matters including contractual disputes, unfair business practices, corporate and partnership dissolution, alter-ego liability and disputes arising from non-competition agreements. The scope of litigation handled by the firm is as broad and diverse as the business needs of its clients.

From lost profits to receiverships to injunctions to specific performance to an array of consequential damages claims, we are prepared to creatively and persuasively present and defend claims based on these theories. In the cases we have tried, we have worked with many expert witnesses from numerous professional disciplines and are skilled at distilling sometimes complex business and transactional subject matters so that they are easily understood by juries.

Real Estate

Real Estate transactions present both great opportunity and significant risk. Changing conditions, in the market and economy, and in regulatory environment, make top quality legal services a basic requirement for any real estate-oriented business. Pettibone Law practices in the area of purchase and sale transactions and leasing. We can assist in structuring your real estate transaction so as to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with real estate purchase, sale, development and management. Pettibone Law has represented property owners, architects, developers and contractors. Should the need arise, we will assiduously represent you or your company in complex lawsuits and arbitrations relating to your real property.

The Pettibone Law offers expert legal representation in the following areas of real estate law:

* Purchase and Sale Agreements
* Landlord-Tenant
* Mortgages/Deeds of Trusts
* Contracts
* Assignments
* Commercial Leases
* Liens
* Co-Ownership Agreements
* Easements
* Monetary and Non-Monetary Defaults
* Real Estate Litigations and Arbitrations

Employment Law

Employers today operate in an increasingly regulated world. Employers must conduct their business within the context of a complex mixture of statutes and regulations governing nearly every aspect of employer-employee relationships, including issues relating to working conditions, wage requirements, benefits, workers’ compensation, discrimination, termination, confidentiality, workplace privacy, and many others. Furthermore, in recent years, in an unprecedented number of employment-related lawsuits and arbitrations.

Employment Law Attorney Irvine

We can help your company navigate this complex area of the law, and minimize the risks associated with being an employer. Our office will protect your rights and interests, and work with you to ensure that your company is in compliance with current laws relating to the workplace. We will also negotiate and draft employment contracts, employee handbooks and other workforce manuals, confidentiality agreements, employee benefit plans, performance reviews, and termination letters. Finally, Pettibone Law will represent your company in lawsuits and arbitrations relating to employment as they should arise, helping you in each instance to assess your company’s legal rights, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the claims presented, potential remedies and defenses, and all other aspects of the dispute.

Pettibone Law offers expert legal representation in the following areas of employment law:

* Hiring and Firing Employees
* Employment Agreements
* Employee Handbooks
* Employee Benefits
* Employee Immigration Issues
* Trade Secret Protection
* Employment Litigation and Arbitration

Corporate Law

As a business executive, you are responsible for or otherwise vested in your company’s contractual relationships with other businesses. We will provide you with expert legal counsel as you fulfill these duties. We will work with you to draft business contracts that promote and protect your interests, and we will keep an all-important enforceability (where many agreements fail) as well. Furthermore, should it become necessary, we will fight aggressively to enforce your contractual and other associated rights in the event other parties breach your agreements.

Corporate Law Attorney Irvine

At Pettibone Law, our corporate lawyers will work exhaustively to protect you from all potential liabilities, and ensure that you fully realize your goals in entering into and fulfilling your business transactions.

The Law Office of Douglas J. Pettibone offers expert legal representation in the following areas of contract law:

* Formation of corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), formation of limited liability partnerships (LLP), formation of general and limited partnerships, and joint ventures.
* Corporate governance issues, including annual meetings, resolutions, record keeping, and other requirements to limit personal liability
* Contract negotiation, drafting and review
* Business disputes and business litigation, including partnership disputes and shareholder disputes
* Promissory notes, security agreements, and other loan transactions
* Confidential Agreements
* Non-Disclosure Agreements
* Non-Competition Agreements
* Minutes-By-Laws and Corporate Formation
* Release Agreements
* Breach of Contract Litigation and Arbitration

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