Read what real clients have to say about their experience with Doug

This attorney is relentless. I don’t know how anybody who can beat him. Thank you, Doug!

– Jocelyn D.


Doug Pettibone came in at the last minute to try a case for us when the prior attorney passed away. We did not want to continue the trial and needed someone to come in at the last minute. Based upon his experience was able to accomplish this. He got up to speed fast, tried the case and won!

– L.E.


I was searching for a lawyer to consult with on some critical business issues. I hired him and he did the best job for me. He was very helpful and gave great support and advice to solve my problems. The man is very professional and dedicated. I am highly satisfied.

– John A.


I’m a small business owner and Mr. Pettibone handled a few disputes and a litigation case I had with a vendor. He is very personal and knowledgeable. His keen sense of business savvy mixed with his law expertise made us fortunate to have him on our side.

– Steve Grand, Grand Industries, LLC


Doug has been an invaluable resource of legal expertise for myself and my clients. On many occasions he has shown a great ability to breakdown complex financial and legal matters into manageable parts. Doug’s personal service, responsiveness, and resourcefulness make him my number one pick!

– Kent Ishii, CPA, MST, Partner, Ishii & Associates, LLP


I have been extremely pleased with Doug Pettibone’s work. I am a business owner. Doug has helped me with numerous issues and filings and has been a skilled professional with each case. My employees also love working with him (we’ve had some problems with other attorneys who were dishonest) because Doug does what he says he will do and is true to his word. This is an exceptional quality.

– Attorney Aaron Fairchild


Mr. Pettibone was responsive to our needs, worked hand in hand with our General Partners and investors to bring to fruition a strategic resolution of legal problems facing our company. His charges were reasonable and the value of work received exceeds the costs. We are thankful to have him as our attorney for the past 10 years and would recommend him to any businessperson, entrepreneur or investor.

– Security Investors Equity Group Inc.


I am thankful for Douglas Pettibone. When we needed him most he was there for us day in and day out. He fought for us all the way through trial. He stood up for what he knew was right. He put his heart and soul into the case and in the end he won for us. Justice was served!

– John Kinross, Irvine, CA.


It is with great pleasure to recommend Douglas Pettibone as an attorney. We take pride in recommending to anyone a most deserving professional.

– Dianne Tucker Carlsbad, CA.


Mr. Pettibone is an extremely bright person and has a rare blend of analytical and inter personal skills. We believe his strong courtroom achievements are self explanatory of his worthiness. He has demonstrated extraordinary diligence and perseverance throughout his career.

– Charles Christiansen


I can not thank you enough for your diligence and hard work with this case. You are the best!

– Peter Dale


I am forever grateful for Doug and his team in helping me through a lawsuit, cutting costs where they can & the patience Doug has gifted me, not to mention all of the collective expertise – it provides so much comfort. Thank you so, so much.

– B.P.